General Armando (Eddie Gutierrez) and Super Tiny (Jillian Ward) went to the amusement park where Linda havd told them the awarding ceremonies will be held. Upon arriving there, the general notice that there was not even a stage prepared and Linda was not there. Lelay asked permission from the general that she is going to play. She saw two aswangs and said that they looked like true. Infact she was right. The aswangs attacked her. it was a good thing that Teng was there. Teng (Richard Gutierrez) saved the little hero from the to aswangs. The general thanked him and was curious why he knew that it was Lelay behin the costume of the little hero. Teng told Lelay that he did not have the barbell anymord and that it was not him who is the one saving lives that moment.
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