Tiya Lita (Ces Quesada) was looking for a rhum to drink because hers is already finished. Suddenly an aswang came and attacked her. Lita ran as fast as she could going to the provincial headquarters. She was screaming for help. And Aling Faustina was the one to open the door for her. While Roberto (Richard Gutierrez) have finally remembered that he is Teng and he is Captain Barbell. But when he was about to look for his barbell, he realized that it is not in his bag. Meanwhile at a place in the city, a man got caught in an accident. He was stuck under the car. A certain Captain Barbell came to rescue the man. The civilian was happy seeing the superhero come back. They really thought that he was dead. But who is the one holding the power of Teng? Will Teng still have it back? Will he find the man who pretends to be the original hero?
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