Melanie (Isabel Oli) and Teng (Richard Gutierrez) have finally crossed their paths. Teng suddenly remembers their last conversation. Melanie confessed to him that she still loves him. And then now that they are face to face, Melanie gets back what she have said. Thinking of the whereabouts of his little angel, he asked Melanie to what had possibly happened to Lelay (Jillian Ward) and Aling Lita (Ces Quesada). Melanie shared that she have never heard from the two. But because of the new child superhero, she remembers Lelay in her. Teng suddenly remembers that all superhumans were from the Teniment. And possibly Lelay Could be a superhuman. She was still an infant during that time when that tragedy happened. Meanwhile, GeneralArmando (Eddie Gutierrez) spoke with Lelay and told her that she will be awarded for killing the aswang.
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