Super Tiny (Jillian Ward) and Captain Barbell became so weak while they are fighting with Nero (Christopher de Leon). But Teng (Richard Gutierrez) became so challenged when Nero let him choose to whom between the two of them he will kill first. So he tried to overcome his weakness, the Askobar. By doing that he carried Nero away from the earth and brought him to the outerspace. There he threw him to the blazing sun. And that for sure ended his life and evilness. Upon going back to the ground, Capt. Barbell was approached by Althea (Lovi Poe). There the beautiful lady told him how much she love him. She told him that she will be waiting to the place they used to meet up. Their conversation was only interrupted when Gen. Armando (Eddie Gutierrez) arrived and congratulated him. Upon reaching home, Teng was also confronted by Anita (Michelle Madrigal). The former league member said that shd would be leaving the country since she know Teng still loves Althea. And the guy she loves have still not decided yet.
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